FAQ About Bachelor of Business Administration Degrees and Careers

I Have a Bachelor of Business Administration—How Can I Make My Resume Stand Out?

Follow For as long as job candidates have sent resumes to employers in the hope of attracting enough attention to score an interview, multitudes of so-called “experts” have given their best tips on how to get resumes noticed. These tips range from the blase to the bizarre. It’s enough to really make you wonder about […]

What Is The Role of Case Projects Within a Bachelor's of Business Administration Degree Program?

Follow The Princeton Review says an undergraduate major in business administration needs to understand “the coordination of human, material, and financial resources to accomplish organizational goals.” Sitting in a classroom listening to lecture after lecture doesn’t cut it when it comes to learning how to make finance, marketing, economics, technology and human resources come together […]

What Can I Do With a Bachelor of Business Administration degree?

Follow Earning a bachelor’s degree in business administration provides a variety of career opportunities in the business world. Whether you are looking for an entry level position or plan to enter into management, a business degree will prepare you for career in many fields. Learn about these great business professions to determine the right career […]

What Are the Benefits of Getting an MBA?

Follow Undergraduate business programs remain one of the most popular options for today’s students, but those who have already graduate from such a program often have a few concerns when choosing their next steps. Should they immediately enter the workforce? Should they gain occupational experience prior to entering graduate school? Even if they did go […]

Can I build on a business degree in the future?

Follow A business degree is vastly useful and can open a myriad of doors that might otherwise be closed to someone, but it is often viewed as the ‘default’ field. Many students that aren’t sure of what to do enter into business as an area of study until they make up their mind what path […]