What is a Bachelor of Business Administration?

What is a Bachelor of Business AdministrationA bachelor of business administration, or BBA, provides students with a solid foundation of general business concepts. Core topics commonly include economics, accounting, business law, operations management, human resource management, and organizational behavior. The programs typically take four years of full-time study to complete and a lot of programs include formal instruction and practical experiences, like internships, case projects, and interaction with industry experts.

Bachelor of Business Administration Degree Overview

Students enrolled in Bachelor of Business Administration degree programs usually have the ability to choose a certain specialization, including accounting, management, public relations, international business, information technology, marketing, and finance. There are various benefits of a bachelor’s degree in business administration, such as providing students with the knowledge and skills needed for success in today’s global business field and preparing them for a variety of lucrative careers. Students are also prepared to enter master’s degree programs in various areas including business, management, and leadership. In addition to a wide variety of campus-based BBA offerings, there are also numerous online Bachelor of Business Administration degree programs.

How To Find The Best Bachelor of Business Administration Degree Programs

When searching for the best Bachelor of Business Administration degrees it is vital for students to bear in mind many important characteristics that make some programs superior to others. Whether or not a school is accredited is probably the most important aspect. Accreditation demonstrates that an institution has met certain criteria to offer high quality education programs. A school’s ranking is also a valuable feature, and the U.S. News and World Report and other authoritative organizations rank colleges and universities based on numerous factors. Other aspects to consider include tuition rates, program offerings, curriculum, faculty credentials, and availability of resources.

Examples of some of the top schools that offer the business administration major include Emory University, the University of Michigan, and the University of California Berkeley. Emory University is ranked number five by Businessweek for undergraduate business programs. Its BBA degree requires 74 credit hours of coursework. The BBA program at the University of Michigan requires a total of 120 credits, and the program focuses on leadership and career development. The University of Michigan also offers graduate programs in business, such as a MBA. In addition to the high rated campus based programs, the University of Illinois at Chicago offers one of the best online Bachelor of Business Administration degree programs.

Popular Careers and Expected Salaries

There is a large range of Bachelor of Business Administration jobs for individuals who graduate with this degree. The job outlook for the business field is very favorable and individuals with a BBA degree are constantly in high demand. Examples of potential positions include a regional sales manager, cost estimator, credit analyst, and financial accountant. A regional sales manager manages and oversees a sales team to generate sales and reach profit goals for a certain region. A cost estimator predicts the cost of a certain activity or project by obtaining data for all materials, labor, equipment, and other expenses. A credit analyst researches and assesses credit risks, evaluates credit history, and approves or denies the extension of credit. A financial accountant prepares financial statements for both internal and external individuals of an organization. Bachelor of Business Administration degree salaries depend on many different factors including education, experience, employer, and location. The median annual salary for regional sales managers is $101,386; cost estimators can expect to earn around $49,043; the anticipated salary for credit analysts is $43,827; and financial accountants can expect to earn $51,105.